Netizen Share Stories Mystical
Netizen Share Stories Mystical
Netizen Share Stories Mystical

Netizen Share Stories Mystical – A brief story Info Facebook group member Wong Solo (IWS) about the former soccer team mes Arseto residing in Panularan Subdistrict, Laweyan, Solo, inviting hundreds of comments. The area is also part of the former Hospital was closely linked to the mystical stories. The story about the current condition of the former mes team Arseto it uploaded by Pratama Son account in Facebook group IWS, Thursday (8/12/2016) night, at 20 pm.

According to the account of the former mes has a strong mystical aura. Then the account open a discussion about Son Pratama experience group members IWS about the venue. Football Arseto (Arseto FC) is the football team of Solo founded Sigid Harjoyudanto, second son of President Soeharto, in 1978. Football clubs that use the Sriwedari Stadium as the enclosure. Had a chance to use some of the locations in the city of Solo as mes, in 1985 the club moved to Kadipolo Field used as mes and gym. The area of the field that is the what is today closely linked to the mystical aura.

The MES is located on jalan Raja next Manggala Village Panularan it before it becomes mes Arseto is areal Hospital Kadipolo. Based on the information pages Department of Spatial (DTRK) Solo, Kadipolo Hospital was founded during the reign of Sunan Pakubuwono X. Hospitals that initially only to clinics that Royal servants in 1948 its management was handed over to the Government of the city (City Government). In 1976 the hospital patient Kadipolo gradually moved to the hospital Mangkubumen. It aims at the establishment of the school of nursing education (SPK). Established since 1977, SPK only goes up to 1985, after which the existing area turns into a mes Arseto. Though dormant, the field Kadipolo is still used, either for a local competition or practice Football School (SSB).
A test of Guts Uploaded on Thursday night, a story about former mes Arseto it attracted the attention of hundreds of netizen. Starting from the question of location, only telling personal experience, to reveal a mere hearsay. Based on the radar of, Friday (9/12/2016) at 12 o’clock noon, EDT, there were already more than 600 comments. There’s a netizen who mentions the area of the former Hospital was once used as a place of hanging himself, it is said to be one of the causes of the former mes Arseto considered haunted.

There is also a netizen reveals the area had been planned as a test of the guts of a television show. But not dizinkan by some people because of security reasons participants. “Careful, I used every home from THR Sriwedari frequently as women’s dress followed the sisters. Mr. guards also often see apparitions, “wrote accounts of Rian Fernandan.

Didd Mas account Return claiming to be witnesses of the events which occurred in the possessed one of his friend. He told me the events occurred in 2007, when it was he was practicing soccer with his friends. There is one friend who possessed and behaving like an ape. Among the large number of comments smacked of mystical about former mes Arseto that account, Kevin’s son Eco Pratama provide information stating the place safe-secure only used activity. According to him, the bird lovers pleci, Kokocima Solo, often held an event there. He added, if there was no malicious intent, all the activities conducted there will go according to plan. It’s just a dangerous building condition is starting to seem rickety threatened collapse.

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